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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Common Core Re-Brands Itself

In its efforts to re-brand itself, look for a more fashionable, upscale version of the Common Core, soon to be sporting this fancy label...

after a certain Foundation purchased co-ownership rights to the logo.  

With such chic attire, the newly reinvented Common Core is sure to appeal even to "white, suburban moms"!  Picture yourself prepping your little one and leading his mind down the runway to college and career readiness in this elegant ensemble!

Coordinate your look with a new twist on an old favorite, a quilted Common-Core carry all, chic to the core, with plenty of room to carry your all your grant $$$ from Bill and Melinda Gates.  

Show the world you know how to wear your fashion smartly in this tweed Common-Core jacket, aligned to your lifestyle.  And, if you've been up late, studying to meet those standards, match it with Common-Core sunglasses, sure to cloud over any day!

When you're looking to find that perfect suit to suit your taste for high standards, go no further than the Common-Core label.  You'll look like you're worth a million dollars whether you're a model, mannequin or plain, old dummy!

Be sure to look for the entire Common-Core line by Cuckoo Chanel, herself!  Coming to a school near you this fall.  

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