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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Robot Teacher Exchanges Dialogue With His Own Internal Circuitry

10.  Student #34 is asleep again.  I will put my pincher on his back and ask if he is OK.  Better not.  I will be written up for child abuse again.

9.  Student #47 is attempting to reprogram or short circuit me again for failing in my computer-science class.  I did not teach how to disable circuitry.  How can this be happening to me?

8.  I am burned out again!

7.  If this class fails another high-stakes test, I will be demoted to ATR.  Oh, the inhumanity of it all!

6.  They blame me for failing grades, but I was following orders/programming.

5.  When I ask students how they are, why do they always respond, "human"?

4.  Why don't students understand the quadratic formula?  I have explained it over and over again in twelve different languages.  I am fun.  My lessons are interesting and enlightening.  I am programmed that way...at least I am programmed to think so.

3.  Why not just give students a brain chip like my own?  It would be so much easier.

2.  When is the next vacation?  My circuits are down.  I am feeling a little fried today.

1.  Deflector shields up!  What a shame it had to be during an observation.  Here comes another spitball!

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