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Monday, December 1, 2014

The Art of Reforming Education

I tell my ninth-grade students they will need to take the inaugural Common-Core-aligned Global History and Geography Regents in the Spring of 2016.


So, what does that mean?  I'm not exactly sure.  I'm only pretty certain that if Algebra and other subjects are indicators, the test will take no prisoners. 

So, how do we prepare?  After all, what can the test makers do to time to make it unrecognizable?   What can they do to history to make it that much harder to remember?

We could plow through harder texts and try to write three essays a week.  Yet, that endeavor is rife with ironies.  Most notably, students who have trouble with English or, for one reason or another, cannot understand more simple texts, will be damned from the get-go.  Only a "reformer" dispossessed of common sense could think otherwise.  Boredom will spread like a contagion in the classroom.  What will the future hold when the classroom becomes so fragmented?  Will we ever be able to piece society together again?

elements of futurism and cubism

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