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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Why Use "Outside Observers" When You Can Speed up the Process With Drones?

A Cheaper and More Effective Way to Reduce the Teaching Population

We've known for a long time that ed. "reformers" have utter contempt for teachers and the art of teaching.  Instead, they revere tests and use them as tools to torture both students and teachers alike. They set cut scores to achieve their political ends.  They have turned teaching into test prep.

Now, it is patently clear that they have the utmost contempt for the administrators who failed to rate enough teachers ineffective at a time when CCSS tests are slaughtering students.  

"Baloney!" saith the Governor.  Since principals couldn't get the job done, Cuomo has called for "outside observers," the equivalent of educational bounty hunters.  They will come at either great expense or great inconvenience.  They will come to schools in which they are foreigners.  They will bring their biases and work their magic--based on single observations. 

Principals once had manifold responsibilities around their buildings.  No more.  They are overburdened with multiple observations of even the most experienced.  They must comment on minutiae and more minutiae and enter it into a database.  Now, they will be asked to hop from school to school--despite the fact they may be needed at home.  

It is a sign of escalation.  Suppose the roving bands of outside observers fail to turn over the quota for ineffective teachers.  Suppose their schools go to pot as they are wandering the realm.   Perhaps, drones could do the job better.  They could be both evaluator, jury and executioner!  And, it could all be done anonymously from remote locations, such as the Governor's office.

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