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Friday, September 19, 2014

Is Grandpa Really Behind the Anti-Common-Core Movement?

We once heard Arne Duncan blame "white suburban moms" for the backlash against the Core.  They just can't accept that their spoiled children with fluffed-up egos should be failing.  NY State Ed. Commissioner King accused "special interests" of manipulating parents.

We have also been told that the Tea Party controls the anti-Core movement and they, of course, must be mad as hatters.

In the latest, most unexpected turn, it seems that Grandpa is really to blame for the conspiracy to take down the Core and deprive our children of their natural right to prep for tests in the face of imminent failure.  Don't go looking for the video though.  All traces of it seemed to have been erased from public record, most likely due to the insulting and idiotic nature of the propaganda.  Was whoever created it Common-Core aligned and college and career ready?  I shiver to think so. Would that all blunders--like the Core itself--could be so easily deleted!

It must be too obvious to say that kids suffer through the Core, parents and teachers detest it and you wouldn't like it either if you and your kids had to suffer through it, too.  It'd be too obvious to accept that it's a bad idea and move on before the electorate rebels.  No, there must be conspirators at work.  

Who ever do you think will turn up next when the need arises to find yet another set of conspirators responsible for the ever-mounting anti-Core campaign?

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