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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Prepping for Tests Aboard the U.S.S. Common Core?

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As I occasionally remind my classes there will be a 2016 Common-Core aligned social-studies regents.  Without any commentary from me, my tenth-graders breathe a communal sigh of relief.  They will be the last class to face the traditional Regents.  I strongly recommend they focus on passing in 2015.

My ninth-graders know I am making some changes this year.  I cut ancient Egypt from four lessons down to two.  I fear the mummies may be undone.  I'll throw in a lot of spiffy maps showing trade connections.  We'll try to somewhat reduce our western bias, but there are those of us who will not so easily be parted from Greece and Rome.  

At any rate, as we take on the monumental task of trying to prepare students for a test manufactured for failure, I am left with one overpowering image in my head.  We're goin' down and fast.  

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