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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Is There No Cure for the Common Core?

If you're a teacher, perhaps, you have been feeling sick of late.  Perhaps you have been sick more than usual.  According to a recent article in the NY Post, teacher absenteeism has been on the increase.  Could it be caused in part by ed. "reform"?

If you're not living with it now, I'm sure you have memories of the common cold.  It might have made you mildly sick, but for an awfully long time.  The sore throat, runny nose and watery eyes may have lingered for far too long.  No matter what medicine you took, you probably couldn't quite kick it.  Time eventually took it down.  

Well, so, too, with the Common Core.  The cure seems elusive.  Certainly its proponents seem largely unfazed by mounting pressure, parental protest, apparent pedagogical inappropriateness at points and student grief.  The Core may mutate; it may re-brand itself, but it will not so easily be cured.  And when you complain, what do the "reformers" say?  Take two tests and call me in the morning!

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