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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Bob Dylan: Gotta Teach Somebody

Bob Dylan Gives First Interview In 3 Years To AARP
Bob Dylan gave his first interview in three years to AARP.   It was in anticipation of his most current album, "Shadows of the Night," in which he sings some of his favorite standards from the forty years before he began to make his mark upon the music world.  

Most surprising, he told the magazine, if he could do it again, he might choose to be a teacher--either of Roman history or theology.   

If it's any comfort to Bob Dylan, I am sure he's been in the classroom in many ways.  In fact, I don't see how history students could understand the 1960s without hearing at least one Bob Dylan song.  He probably deserves at least a full lesson...that is, if you're not bogged down in review for a high-stakes standardized test!

I'm happy to say, for one who hasn't made it to many big concerts, I made it to his 30th Anniversary Concert in October 1992.  On that one eventful night, I had the chance to not only hear some of the best songs ever written, but also to enjoy some of my favorite artists, across so many musical genres.  

I will never cease to be amazed by the genius of Bob Dylan's poetry.  More than documenting the 1960s, his words seemed to push it forward.  Heck, Bob Dylan's probably been one of the greatest teachers ever.  If he worked at a school, I feel sure he'd never keep his mouth shut or sit idly by as corporate interests carved up his classroom!  And, he'd have a heck of a lot of talent to do something about it!  So, may his "song always be sung."  And, may it "stay forever young." 

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