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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Do Charter Schools Grade their Own Regents?

I've read in several places that charter schools grade their own Regents exams (see hereherehere and here).  I read it only on blogs and comments on blogs.

I have not read this story in the mainstream media.  I could ask why, but I already suspect the answer.  The story doesn't involve bashing public schools and it might, potentially, make charters seem suspect.  

Let's do an academic exercise in twenty-first century school-news reporting.  Which headline below do you think is from the mainstream media and which is from a blog post?

1.  EXCLUSIVE:  State test scores drop after teachers are barred from grading exams from their own schools.

2.  Daily News Misses a Big Part of ELA Regents Score Plummet Story

If there is any doubt in your mind, follow the links above to the answer.  I am guessing, however, you probably do not need to take this additional step.

If it is true that charters grade their own papers, and I have no reason to assume it is false, then, naturally, as a teacher, I have some follow-up questions. My last one may, ultimately, be the most important.  

Do all charter schools grade their own Regents?
Do they still grade their own Regents?
Why  is there a double standard?  What is the justification?
Will they always grade their own Regents?
Without the counterbalance of blog-site reporting, and the conversations generated there, would anyone know half of the truth behind ed. "reform"?

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