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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

On Standardizing Snowflakes

This morning, my Winter-Solstice baby sat in a snowbank while the July sister lamented the loss of summer.  Had the immobile winter baby fallen off her sled and cracked her head?  No, with rosy cheeks and all, she assured me she had not.  She was just carefully examining in wonderment each flake as it landed in her saucer-like sled.  

I came over to see.  She was right.  It was pretty amazing.  Snowflakes fell so big you could just about catch them like baseballs.  It proved more effective, however, to just let them fall as they please.  They landed gently and stuck.  They refused to melt.  They were big and fluffy stars, each beautiful and distinct, proud to be falling from heaven.  No two were the same.

To The Powers That Be, please never prioritize their standardization--through tests or otherwise.  There is great beauty in their diversity.

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