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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Citywide Success Academies?

I read last week that Success Academy teachers prepare for and administer tests with great precision.  And, yesterday, I read that Eva Moskowitz, C.E.O. of Success Academy, "may run for mayor."  I have to think it's either a joke...or a threat.  I wonder if Eva Moskowitz becomes mayor some day, would she impose her "Success" Academy system upon us all?

According to a Chalkbeat piece, Success Academy provides teachers with several amenities during testing week.  Teachers get soft-soled Converse sneakers for proctoring, pencils, tissues and deodorizing powder to absorb vomit.  If Moskowitz becomes mayor, will all students be issued barf bags?  Can teachers and unhappy parents receive some, too? And, while she's at it, will students also receive City-issued diapers for those accidents which have been known to happen to small children under extreme stress?  Will Grit Counselors be in every classroom?  Or will they just administer City-issued tranquilizers for the stressful test prep and six-days of "rigorous" testing?

But, if we all became Success Academies, we might find that we are no longer successful.  What will Moskowitz do when students continue to fail and there are no public schools left to which they can be sent?  Will the Success Academy then become the Failure Academy?  

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