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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lack of Success?

Last week the Success Academy sent out invitations to an "Exclusive Candidate Reception" via D.o.E. e-mail.  Success Academy is opening its first high school and seeks to lure public-high-school talent.  Does the D.o.E. know that Success is using its e-mail service in an attempt to steal away its workforce?

Now, mind you, Success didn't personally invite me.  Instead, it invited someone who couldn't resist forwarding the invitation to me, albeit a week late, probably to see how far my jaw could drop. 

I was intrigued.  I read on.  If I attended, I would be welcomed by Ms. Moskowitz herself, her business in Albany being done.  I would meet "leaders" (whom, I imagine, must be more important than "followers") and "scholars" (whom I imagine must be more important than "ignoramuses").  

I would hear their stories of "Success."  (As everyone knows failure is not permitted at Success).  There would be a Q&A panel.  (I do have a few good questions, but they might not be welcomed).  And, guests could mingle amid wine and hor d'oeuvres.  One of my many good questions:  Does the City have to foot her bill for hor d'oeuvres as well as for her rent?

I 'm betting the kids at Success Academy are as nice as pie.  But, you know what, so are the kids at my public-school.  It's terrible to use kids as pawns and to pit one group against another, to strangle through co-location and further segregate society.  I guess I won't be attending any Success Academy "Exclusive Candidate Receptions" any time in the near future. Good thing I'm not too fond of caviar!


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