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Saturday, May 24, 2014

The "Fitnessgram" Fiasco

Gwendoln Williams "Fitnessgram" on Left; An Imagined "Fitnessgram" for her Phys.-Ed Teacher on the Right 

As if it isn't enough that NY State failed 70% of its students on the 2013 Common-Core aligned tests, NYC has added to the misery by sending children home with letters identifying some as obese.  Despite the fact she looks like a little model, Gwendolyn Williams received the obnoxious version of the letter, aimed directly at her self esteem.  
I am not sure who develops these brilliant ideas.  They may have good intentions, but they lack basic common sense, not to mention any expertise in childhood psychology.  On the same day, the NY Post explained that "school cafeterias are part of the obesity problem."  This new "Fitnessgram" policy seems the physical health equivalent of the new Common Core academic standards.  It's aimed to take people down and fast.  And, I'm guessing it's only a matter of time until this little girl's gym teacher and her entire cafeteria staff are fired.  Let's hope she and others like her do not develop eating disorders.  And let's hope that the people who put forth this policy will listen more to parental concerns than the Common-Core reformers!

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