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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Race to the Top Toys Revisted, Item #7

Miss Williams' Fitnessgram Fiasco (see post above) reminded me of item #7 on my RTTT Toys post last December.  

7.  This charming jump rope comes equipped with the latest technology, including a heart- rate monitor and microphones at each end.  The microphones will ask your child Common-Core-based questions as she jumps to ensure her academic fitness equals her physical fitness.  If your child is not working the rope at an ideal heart rate or she fails to answer the quizzes correctly, the microphones shout encouraging phrases at her like, "You'll never get to college at this rate"; "Pick it up or you'll die fat and stupid."  Upon initial use, your child will probably not meet the standards of the rope.*  But with encouragement from the rope and you, she will soon touch the sky.

* Consumers are reporting an average academic and physical fitness failure rate of 70%.


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