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Saturday, January 17, 2015

On Grammatical Errors and Missspellings

In addition to stretching a student's capacity to think, teachers are trained to look for errors and correct them.  In some cases, it becomes second nature.  Once or twice in my career, I accidentally started circling an error in an absence note handed to me by a student, but written by a parent.  I had to stop myself fast.

More times than not, when I reread one of my posts, I find a grammatical error or misssssspelling.  I know it could be damning because I'm a teacher.  And, as a teacher, I should probably be discouraged, but I'm not.

I once went to a protest in support of education with a group of teachers.  I made posters.  On one, I used the word "ain't" for literary effect.  I even put little quote marks around it.  I'm guessing the marks weren't large enough for some.  My poster was photographed.  A picture made it to the UFT Facebook site.  One person commented upon the improper grammar.  In some hands, red pens die hard.  In a way, it's charming.

When I make errors on my blog, it is usually not intentional.  For all the mistakes I make though, I'm pretty sure I manage well.  I correct most when I find them.  And, I try to pay particular attention to accuracy of details.  I try to write mostly about things I experience and things I understand, realizing that you will realize I embed my own opinions.  

I don't lament the fact that I will continue to find errors in my blog.  (I bet there's even a few lurking in this post--if you read it carefully enuff!)  I've pretty much accepted the fact that making mistakes is part of being human.  Shakespeare said it best, "To err is human.  To forgive is divine"!*

*Wait, I know that's Alexander Pope.  Just teasing you!

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