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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back from the Dead With the Core?

Approximately 70% of the state failed N.Y.'s Common-Core tests in 2013.  Core supporters pointed out progress this year (only 65% failed) without mentioning that the cut scores had been adjusted in favor of the students.

Charter school advocates point to their above average scores.  They, of course, fail to mention the "advantages" that allow them to achieve such success:  selective admissions, high attrition, a better student-teacher ratio, public as well as private funding and a focus, in some cases, on test prep.

For those who support the Core, could it be that if they can only hold on and watch progress continue at its current rate through whatever it takes, including cut-score manipulation, the ultimate vindication of total proficiency may be in site at the expense, of course, of a test-driven curriculum.  

How do I know the Core might lead us to proficiency one day?  Well, I imagined a constant rate of approval engineered to increase by increments of 5% and worked out a Kindergarten Common-Core problem:

2013--30% proficiency                     2021--70% proficiency
2014--35% proficiency                     2022--75% proficiency
2015--40% proficiency                     2023--80% proficiency
2016--45% proficiency                     2024--85% proficiency
2017--50% proficiency                     2025--90% proficiency
2018--55% proficiency                     2026--95% proficiency
2019--60% proficiency                     2027--100% proficiency!!!
2020--65% proficiency                                

A more important problem to resolve:  Will (or should) the Common Core even be around in 2027?

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