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Monday, August 18, 2014

Time to Ground Our Planes?

I've been vaguely uneasy these past few days, reflecting upon the devastation caused by the Common Core. When about 65% of a state is failing by a set of standards developed less than five years ago, it is entirely worrisome, particularly given the fact that these standards are supposed to measure college-and-career readiness.  Have you ever wondered how many people who predate the Core must be running around, falsely believing themselves to be successful when they were never actually college and career ready?  They are sleeper cells, waiting to erupt in incompetence at any moment.  

I now begin to doubt whether I was truly college-and-career ready.  It seemed I did well in college and it seemed the college thought so too, but it just might be that we were all mistaken.  Worse yet, I thought I was doing well in my classroom as a teacher.  Now, I must seriously reconsider.  Have we all been playing a terrible joke on ourselves?  Since I was never Common-Core aligned, I may never have been "career ready."  I could be inflicting undue harm upon the world by my lack of career readiness.  People have trusted me to teach their children, but the trust may have been completely unwarranted.  I am saddened and depressed by this thought.  What would David Coleman think of me?

There is a yet more disturbing question in my mind.  Why didn't my A.P.s, parents of students, colleagues drop subtle hints as to my lack of preparation?  Could it be that they, too, were never college or career ready?  How many citizens are walking around today under the false impression that they are successful when they have never truly been made college and career ready?  How many people are running around making laws, dispensing medicines, building cities, rescuing people or making reforms who were never truly college-and-career ready?  Society's foundations may be shaky at best. 

This is a state of emergency.  The only parallel that comes to mind is the horrific situation that made the grounding of all planes on 9/11 completely necessary.  Shouldn't we ground all persons in a college or a career until we make full certain that they meet the Common-Core standards?  We need to start again, deconstruct so much founded upon false assumptions and then, only then, begin to rebuild from the ground up, only in that way will we ensure our society is truly Common-Core aligned!  Isn't it time to ground all "our planes"?  Shall we start in D.C. or Albany?

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