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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Two-Faces of Brown's "Partnership for Educational Justice"

Campbell Brown says, "I think we should evaluate every education law or policy by first asking, 'Is this good for children?'" Who could argue that?  Not me.

Her application, however, is absurd.  Tenure is good for students.  And, I say this, as a "highly-effective" teacher...this year, knowing full well that the only variable I can control is myself, not the nature of V.A.M. formulas, punitive tests or increasing student needs.  For all I know, I may be grossly ineffective next year.  Thanks to tenure, teachers can criticize ed. deformers, their whacked "deformulas" and the testing overkill which harms children, with less fear of reprisal.  

If Brown and  her faceless Partnership for Educational Justice really wanted to do what is "good for children," they would work alongside Leonie Haimson, advocating for smaller class sizes.  They would show great concern for the issues mentioned in the image above, starting with childhood poverty.  Instead, the "partnership" seems intent on demeaning teachers and breaking unions.  Perhaps they don't want us to see their faces because they know they are two-faced.  

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