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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

If not standards, then what?

Karen Magee, president of NYSUT, asked in defense of the Core, "If not standards, then what? A free-for-all? Everyone does what they please? No common base? No common method to look at what they're doing?" 

When I first heard these words, I wondered how the president of NYSUT could pose such questions.  Then, slowly with time, I began to see the strange logic in her arguments.  

Yes, what we need is a dictatorship of standards, one set copyrighted in stone, called the Common Core.  Not just in academia, but in all realms.  No more debate.  No more relativism.  Just one set for all eternity.  We certainly don't want a "free for all."  We don't need more chaos, especially of the academic kind!

Magee would surely also agree we need one set of standards for beauty.   "If not standards, then what?  A free-for-all?"  Everyone being as ugly as they please, everyday of their unbearably ugly lives?  Pooh to people who say standards of beauty change across time and culture.  And double pooh to people who say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  The best way to determine beauty, of course, is to subscribe to one superior copyrighted set of standards and then test for it.  If 65-70% of us prove to be God-awful ugly because of the cut scores, it'll only help teach us how to be prettier in the end!  And pooh to your Mom, "sububran, white" or otherwise, pumping up your ego, who says you're pretty.  You know what?  She's ugly, too.   So, how pretty are you feeling now?

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