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Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Sneak Peek at Walmart's Black Friday Christmas Sales for School Reform

Exclusively at Walmart, Baby Alive can be purchased with school voucher in hand.  Tell the world your doll is no dummy!

Education "reform" may look like a strange new world to you at times, but while you can why not take advantage of Walmart's Christmas Layaway plan?  When you can't afford the simple things in life, don't blame your employer for low wages (and certainly don't blame Walmart!); just layaway as you blame your teachers!

"Find the right doll for your little doll."  Then find the right school for your little doll.  It's as easy as putting a charter school on every corner!

Enjoy Transformers this season, accompanied by a free copy of Ms. Moskowitz's Mission Possible.  Each transformer now has the capability to convert itself into a charter school!

With this Nitron Nerf gun in hand, you will be able to join the media in taking aim at public schools.  Fire away!

In all seriousness, Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

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