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Thursday, November 20, 2014

When the Doctors Won't Take Their Own Medicine

If Common-Core tests are truly the measure of college and career readiness, don't you wonder how many current ed. "reformers" could actually meet their own standards without going into prepping overdrive?  If they believe so strongly in the stuff, shouldn't they be on the front lines, with their families, sacrificing themselves, so to speak, to science?  Why don't we ask the "reformers" and their kids some of the obtuse questions of their own making, and force them to work from review books and sit through endless hours of test prep.  When 65-70% of them fail by their own standards, see how long it will be before ed. reform withers in their eyes? 

"Reformers" push this stuff, but only upon other people.  Some profit from it...but only at the cost of other people's misery.  They largely shield their children in private schools.  Test the "reformers" and those who work for them.  Test their children.  Ask them a Sasquatch question or two; then, see how much they like it and whether or not they put their Big Foot in their mouth!  Is it too radical to suggest that reforms should also apply to those who make them?

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