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Friday, October 3, 2014

News That's Not Fit to Print?

It seems the only news fit to print about teachers involves heinous acts.   The most recent accusations against Sean Shaynak obviously are not typical, yet they are all too typical of the type of publicity the media affords public-school teachers.  Can you imagine if I was a historian from another planet who only read newspapers to discern the nature of teachers?  What a pain in the antennae!  Yet, teachers do great deeds every day.  Some are heroes.  To read the news, one would never believe it. 

Funny how the reformers like Rhee and her husband seem to walk away unscathed from accusations; all traces of Rhee's jovial audio recounting the mouth-taping incident and the bleeding lips of her students seem to have been eliminated from the internet as effectively as "Granddad Learns About the Common Core."  The media seemed very forgiving.  Yet, public-school teachers are all under suspicion, every day of their lives.  They seem guilty until proven innocent.  

Just as incidents of pedophilia among the priesthood should not be used to damn an entire faith, similar incidents in schools should not be used to tarnish the teaching profession.  Most teachers are honest, caring, hard-working individuals, dedicated to helping children.  Only this "news" is not fit to print.  

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