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Sunday, October 12, 2014

PUBLIC Education Nation! Tops the Twitter Charts

I attended the PUBLIC Education Nation! in Brooklyn yesterday.  Although much of the discussion reiterated the sad truths of the day, there were many points worth remembering.  

First, as Jitu Brown of Chicago pointed out:  We must be more than activists.  We must be organizers.  One would hope one's union would do this work relentlessly, especially when one pays dues with these hopes in mind.  But it seems that much of this work must be done outside the union in NYC.

Second, as Rosa Rivera-McCutchen emphasized:  We must make sure that our resistance to reformers does not reproduce inequities.  It must seek to cure them.

Last but not least, as Diane Ravitch pointed out:  Optimism is warranted.  It leads to conviction.  Due to my lack of photography skills, the picture above may appear somewhat blurry, but don't be misled.  Dr. Ravitch was looking and sounding sharp (beside Jitu Brown).  I know it has been an exceptionally hard year for her, but one would not have guessed it.  She offered a mix of facts, common sense and humor.  What is not to love...that is, unless you are an ed. "reformer"?

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