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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Riding the Common-Core Surf: Lessons Learned at Commoncoreworks.org

Here are the lessons learned in slow motion from the video at commoncoreworks.org.

1.  Your life is measured in dollars and cents.  If you've chosen a career that prioritizes helping others over raking in the dollar bills, you're a loser...no matter where on earth you live.

2.  Just as your worth in life is measured in dollars and cents, everything needs to be measured by one ruler or statistic, including your brain. You are a statistic.

3.  There were only false local metrics until the Common Core swept into town. 

4.  You must constantly race uphill against others.  Race to the top!  Don't ask why!  Don't stop to recognize the sometimes very unappealing nature of life at "the top"!  

5.  Everything built up locally, prior to the Core, is of no consequence.  It should be swept away with all the ferocity of Hurricane Katrina because, as Secretary Duncan has made so very clear, natural disasters may be the best things to happen to education.

One question:  Are you and your children riding that surfboard--or are you being drowned?

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