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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Governor's Test-Based Teacher Evaluations Will Whack The Best Teachers of the Rich and Poor Alike

This new system of teacher evaluations which our Governor promises to use to "bust school 'monopoly' if re-elected" hurts teachers at all ends of the public-school spectrum.  And, it necessarily hurts their students.  

Good teachers stand at the mercy of junk science, no matter whether they work in affluent or impoverished communities.  Teachers working in over-sized, under-funded classrooms in which students have high needs will be branded as the cause of the problem.  Teachers like Sheri G. Lederman, Ed.D., in Great Neck will suffer even though her students far outperform state averages.  Teachers who teach some of the best students may find it nearly impossible to generate the "progress" demanded by statistical formulas.  Dr. Lederman has brought suit against the NYSED junk science that condemns her.  She stands for every teacher who faces this statistical insanity. I wish her nothing but success.  Our hopes ride with her and similar lawsuits.  

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