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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Online Learning from Cradle to Grave?

Perdido Street referenced a humorous piece at The Onion denoting the expansion of the online-learning industry to Pre-K.  I was mildly horrified that such a thing might be possible one day despite the fact that Pre-K, K and the early grades must emphasize human interaction, help children build social and emotional connections, develop notions of sharing toys as well as sharing responsibilities.   But given the nature of reform, nothing much would surprise me any more!  It is probably only a click away.

It seems that the online industry has the ability to expand from cradle to death.  So, what will not be online in the future?  How long will it be before someone sells online and copyrighted access to heaven and hell, reincarnation, etc., for those who prefer more technologically-advanced versions of their preferred afterlife.  Automatic upgrades available from the privacy and comfort of your own coffin or urn.

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