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Friday, October 31, 2014

Thank You, Taylor!

When you have little girls running around your house, you naturally hear a lot of Taylor Swift.  And, you kind of steer them that way because you recognized her genius at sixteen, a maturity well beyond her years, a good soul and songs that resonate in so many ways.  Plus, she's one of the more positive role models for a little girl today.   

I've taken some flack from a certain male member of my household for my enthusiasm for Taylor as well as for being bold enough to defend public education via blogging, but I've never had any regrets.  (I just "shake it off.")  If nothing else, I love the fact that she can pick up and play a banjo (even if it is six-stringed) as well as a ukelele.  When I heard she pledged to donate the proceeds from her single "Welcome to NY" to the NYC public schools rather than the favored  charter schools of other millionaires, I said a silent prayer.  So, thank you, Taylor.  

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