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Friday, April 25, 2014

E.L.A. Exams and Product Placement: Just Do It!

There has been a lot of recent discussion about product placement on the 2014 N.Y.S. E.L.A. exams.  Frankly, I don't see any problem.  I think all future N.Y.S. Regents exams should include much of the same, particularly the United States History and Government Regents.  Given our capitalist economy and its downturn in the last decade, it is only patriotic to do so!  Here are some revised editions of past questions to illustrate my point:

1.  #35, August 2013

A Key purpose of this World War II poster was to
(1)  encourage protests against the war
(2)  gain support for MUG root beer
(3)  influence the Axis powers to end the war
(4)  illustrate the nature of modern warfare

2.  #18, June 2013

This cartoon is expressing support for
(1)  the Populist crusade
(2)  I-pods and Air Jordans
(3)  national Prohibition
(4)  protective tariffs

3.  #22 and #23, June 2010

The cartoon illustrates the actions of President Theodore Roosevelt in
(1)  securing a safe pocket for his Lifesavers
(2)  leading troops in the Spanish-American War
(3)  ending the war between Russia and Japan
(4)  improving diplomatic relations with Latin American nations

Critics of the actions shown in this cartoon claimed that President Theodore Roosevelt was
(1)  causing environmental damage
(2)  requiring massive tax increases
(3)  following a policy of keeping his breath as tangy as it gets
(4)  producing major trade deficits with China

4.  #43, January 2013

What was one result of the boycott called for on the poster?
(1)  The sale of lettuce and grapes increased.
(2)  The power of large landowners over their laborers grew.
(3)  Federal troops were sent to suppress violence on farms in the West.
(4)  Public support for Barbie dolls increased.

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