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Saturday, April 19, 2014

What Prospect-Park Peacocks Taught Me About Educational Reform

When I was out and about on my travels yesterday, I thought I recognized a couple of ed. reformers. They wore their regal attire, more than money can buy most.  They seemed at ease in each other's company, but I felt oddly out of place.

With the glossiest pamphlets to advertise their schools and a budget to buy lots of air time for deceptive ads attacking the interests of 94+% of us, I guess they felt justified parading about in all their splendor.  

I saw the spread of the beautiful plumage behind the still barren tree before me.  How could a bird like this do less than impress the stoutest soul?

Then, I noted right before my eyes, the lone peahen. She wandered about her business, showing little if any concern for the royal plumage unfurled a short distance on the other side of the barren tree.  Then, I realized why she was not impressed. Like a concerned public-school teacher or a concerned public-school parent, she had taken the time to look at things from the other side. 

She saw the true nature of the educational reform. She saw it for what it was really worth.  And, she knew she wanted none of it!

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