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Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Homework Assignment Which May Not Be Common-Core Aligned

My youngest daughter came home with an assignment last week.  It asked her to work with an adult and switch places.  She had to name five things she would do if she were an adult.

Here is what she said (without any corrections):

First I would got the Doctor's ofice if I was having a baby.

Second I would go home and feed my baby.

Third, I would take my baby to the zoo.

Fourth, I would then give my child a Hug.

Fifth, I would my child a kiss say farwell.

Then, I had to write what I would do if I was a child again.  I included everything from asking for a play date with my three children, on the condition that their dogs do not bite me, to asking Mom for a banjolele.  None of my points and none of my daughter's points had anything to do with aligning ourselves for college or career.  

As my daughter grows older, she will realize the importance of earning money to support a family, and she will acquire the necessary skills, possibly without ever knowing it, but I hope she never forgets that college and career readiness are means to another end.  For some of us, life is primarily about caring for those you love.  College and career are something to do on the way to that.   I hope my daughter will always value creating a safe and nurturing environment for others.  This is something ed. "reformers" seem to feel is unneccesary.