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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Will There Be a Class-Action Suit Someday Against Those Who Would Destroy Classrooms Full of Children?

Watch Out for the Brick Wall of Testing Ahead!
What is the cost of all this ed. "reform."  I'm not talking about currently quantifiable costs--like the generous contracts awarded to Pearson despite its flawed exams ($33 million in N.Y. last year and $108 million in N.J.).

I am talking about the cost in terms of human life, specifically children.  They are repeatedly branded as failures, high-stakes-testing style.  They are told their teachers and their schools are failing.  

The teachers and schools must teach to flawed tests.  Children lose their love of learning.  How much harm has already been done to young people?  How much more harm is in store before sanity returns?  What are the long-term costs of all this harm?  Does anyone even care to make some calculations?  

Once childhood is gone, it is gone.  You cannot get it back again.  The effects of childhood are lasting on an individual.  If we brand 65%-70% of our children as failures how could it not come back to haunt us?  If school becomes a source of dread for our children, how can they succeed in life?  If good teachers turn away with disgust from the profession, who will teach our children?

Our innocent children have become the pawns of Privatizers.  Will there be any legal redress if the effects are irreversible?  Can we have a class-action suit for those who would with so much carelessness or hubris destroy our classrooms and all the children in them?

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