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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Kollege-and-Kareer Ready Kindergarten Kids

A poster made for my daughter by her kindergarten class.

My "middlest" received the poster above as a birthday present from her Kindergarten class several years back.  Her teachers had asked the class to suggest terms descriptive of her for this birthday poster which still hangs on her wall.

Here is the Kommon-Kore aligned version which kindergarten kids today might be expected to Kompose:

exceeds standards in using context clues to determine word meanings and phrases.

good at helping people prep for exams by distinguishing between two claims which clearly both seem to make sense.

exceeds standards in understanding conventions of punctuation, spelling and capitalization, English grammar and word usage, all while maintaining consistency of tone when writing.

exceeds standards in attempting to complete a few hundred math problems under time-pressured conditions while holding down her cookies.

well on her way towards meeting standards of  career-worthy attire for kindergarten kids.

the "grittiest" ever!

With the high failure rate of kids on NYS standardized tests today, can you imagine the poster which the State might suggest?  Some things are better left to kids.


  1. Well I really got a nice class teacher for my kid who is in Phoenix kindergarten. She always share about activities which my kid love to do, and she really take care for every kid in her class. Infact she ask for suggestions from parents so that their kid’s can enjoy.

  2. I believe most teachers enter the profession because they truly care for children. If politicians could respect that, minimize the role of standardized testing, particularly in early education, and recognize that children develop at different rates with different strengths, childhood would be a far more lovely place, as, thankfully, your child is currently enjoying. And, it would pave the way for a more healthy adulthood. I'm happy to hear your child is thriving with his or her teacher. I still remember my wonderful Kindergarten teacher who'd visit houses to meet the families. A good teacher, no matter where he or she teaches, needs to be made to feel important because they are oh-so important!