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Thursday, March 19, 2015

How Does One Really Become "Career Ready"?

In the U.S., success in life, as defined by the majority, doesn't always correlate to academic success.  If you are not top of the line, you can readily compensate.  All you need is connections.  Then, even if you have few credentials, you can quickly climb the ladder. 

The Common Core claims to make kids college and career ready.  In this day and age, if we truly wish to make our students career ready, yes, let them pass tests, but let them know their scores will soon be buried by time.  It is more about the people you know, the acquaintances you cultivate, the connections you make. 

You cannot, of course, succeed by total ineptitude.  In most cases, you will need to meet some basic level of competency.  There is only so much anyone can shield a person from his own incompetence--unless his employer is his mother or he is an ed "reformer."

So, as you prep along the road of life, remember for ultimate success, the business world works largely upon favors granted and favors returned.  So, "sell" yourself, hopefully not in the worst sense, and cultivate friends.  If you want to be "career ready," put down that #2 pencil and align yourself before it is too late. 

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