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Friday, March 20, 2015

Bring Your Dog to Work Day

On February 8th of this year, my girls first inquired about the date for Bring Your Kids to Work Day 2015.  Mark April 23rd on your calendar.  Label it creative disruption of the most beautiful kind.  It promises to bring out the best in everyone.

My dogs haven't inquired yet, but there is, indeed, a "Take Your Dog to Work Day," June 26, 2015.  My working breed dogs, with all the best qualities of Shepherds, Labradors and Retrievers, would naturally wish to assist me at work.  For this reason alone, I'm sure they'd better stay at home, no matter what the day.

If I ask them to fetch homework, it is entirely possible they might eat it in the most proverbial sense.  I occasionally ask my overzealous Sheprador pup if he's seen my missing pencil.  He's too busy chomping to answer.

My dogs might corral students into the room for me.  It'd be a good thing 'til they make a dive for the ankles.

They'd be sniffing students' backpacks all day.  A few late afternoon snacks might go missing.  In the worst case scenario, they'd make a citizen's arrest either in the building or on its perimeters.

The cafeteria would love them as they keep coming back for more--until there is no more.

And, if Cuomo's "outside observers" or some ed. "reformer" came to my door, I just hate to think what might happen.  The imagination could run wild!

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