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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Car Decals for the Common-Core World

Editorial Note:  Kudos to NYSUT President Magee for calling upon parents to opt out of this insane test-based system the other day!  But if you should choose to disregard that option and you are in the market...

Looking for family decals for the back of your car, but just can't seem to find any that really represent the interface between your family and current educational reform?  Have no fear.  Here are samples to fit your needs, no matter what side of the educational testway you drive.

Are you and your family among the chosen few, college-and-career ready, or do you work for Pearson?  Do you support high-stakes testing, ed.-reform style, yet send your kids to test-free private institutes?  Choose items like the one below to display your pride, decal-style, as you drive by in the fast lane.

Has the current educational reform left your family feeling deflated?  Dad doesn't know what to do.  Mom throws her hands up in disgust.  Your daughter is subject to crying fits while your son suffered an exam two hours prior to surgery for catastrophic brain trauma.  Fido does his best to hold the family together despite the fact that he's been playing dead more than usual.  While your engine is on idle, pick up a decal like the one below.  Let the world know you are not, nor will you ever be, college-or-career ready!

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