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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Your Breath Stinks, Your Body Smells...and Now Your Teachers and Schools Have Made You Stupid: Advertising and the World of Privatizing Education

It's a simple trick of advertising, dating back to Odo-Ro-No!  If you want people to buy your product, generate a crisis.  Play up personal anxieties.  If you sell body deodorant, you might want to develop an "Armhole Odor Test."  Good luck with this test.  Your dog may love your smell, but it is no longer acceptable to humans.  Now, the world around you reeks of bad odors!  Let the crusade begin!  Purchase some spiffy Odo-Ro-No and do your part to save humanity--from itself!

“you, yourself, rarely know when you have it. And even your closest friends won’t tell you.”

Is it any different with ed. "reform"?  Advertisers rely upon the same principles.  Were you just fine a few years back?  Now, do you fail tests uncontrollably?  Do your teachers fail to prep you to perfection?  Do your schools deserve to be closed?  

Whereas the role of teacher has been to provide manifold ways for students to rise and shine, the role of ed. "reformer" is largely to beat people to a pulp through standardized tests, engineered specifically for that result, and then to promise a solution via avenues profitable to only themselves.  

Don't worry.  There are simple solutions for you.  You can buy any one of a number of products, including new and improved tests to assess your children at younger ages.  Don't let your brain rot.  Fire your tenured teachers.  There are now Success Academies.  The brand name says it all.  Just buy into it*!  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$...

*satisfaction far from guaranteed!

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