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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Testing and the New Police State

We have now learned that high-stakes testing supports a vast and expensive underground network that monitors student social media sites for the potential leakage of top-secret, test-related information.

It's a short hop, skip and jump from there to monitoring teachers and administrators.  It is probably already done.  Proctors surely glimpse the test.  Some may read the passages.  Teachers naturally would like to know what is on the test, especially since 50% of their evaluation may depend upon it.  Yet, mum's the word; teachers are under a gag order.  Only at a later time will parts of the test be disclosed, but not the entirety of its contents.  Teachers and students alike are set up for failure and if they talk about it, they may become petty criminals.  

I am guessing test companies also want to monitor parents, if they do not already do so.  Most moms or dads naturally ask their kids how their day has been.  Kids then receive an open invitation to divulge the contents of their top-secret tests.  Parents are known to talk to each other.  Parents are now a prime risk factor for breaches in test security.  Have we created a police state for child, parent and teacher?

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