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Friday, March 14, 2014

Doing a Snow Job on Educators: The V.A.M. Sham As it Relates to the Weather

Originally, there was a large storm predicted for NYC today (originally published 3/3/14).  The meteorologists kept scaling down numbers until the storm diminished into something that could not even close schools on Long Island, let alone Manhattan.

Since I find some value in the Tao, I will simply go with the flow; but, as usual, I cannot help but find humor in it all, or some sort of irony.  Statisticians will have a field day firing teachers based on their implicit trust in their own models of multiple-regression analysis.  They will try to predict human student behavior as if they are all-knowing as gods.  They will place ultimate faith in the fact that they can predict all elements of a human's experience (including that of teenagers) with more accuracy than changing weather models.  And, despite their huge margins of error, teachers will lose their jobs, not the statisticians.  There are no high stakes for them!  I'd love to discuss it with Al Roker some balmy afternoon!

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