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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rewriting History

Recently, the Center for Union "Facts" (an organization formed to bash unions and generously supported by wealthy, unnamed interests) placed a five-story billboard in N.Y.C., attacking the American Federation of Teachers.  It must be nice to have so much money to vilify teachers, especially when public schools, their employees, their students and their families are so strapped for funds.

Unions help workers secure a living wage, health benefits, a pension, due-process and, in the case of education, academic freedom.  Unions also help teachers fight for improved learning environments for their students and more classroom resources.  I have sadly seen all of the above dwindle severely in the past decade. 
Keeping the view of the current educational deformers in mind, I have created some images below.  They envision how the current educational deformers (who blame teachers for poverty in the United States) might reinterpret the history of the Great Depression.  In each picture below, with the exception of the last set, the original image appears on the left.  The image on the right imagines a revisionist interpretation by the educational deformers. 

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