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Friday, March 14, 2014

The Top Ten Reasons I Teach

Top Ten Reasons I Teach

According to Me
As the Educational Deformers Would Have It
1.  To help children learn how to think and find their own meanings in life
1.  To suck the life out of children by testing them to death
2.  To help students develop the skills and work ethic they will need  if there are jobs available when they graduate
2.  To take the blame for poverty in America off the backs of the politicians and the rich
3. To  continually develop, learn and grow by filling my natural thirst for knowledge and  by engaging with colleagues
3.  To be subject to policies and programs written by people with no more than 2 to 3 years in a classroom
4.  To receive some Thank You cards from students
4.  To be  chastised in the headlines for the test scores of sometimes underprivileged students and to be part of a system that collects data on students to be used for God only knows what
5.  To touch thousands of lives, one student at a time, one year after another
5.  To teach more children than the number of desks in the room  without access to supplies in order to be compared with teachers in well-funded schools with reduced class size
6.  To help maintain democracy by supporting its most basic foundation, public education
6.  To watch a stake being driven through the heart of public education in the name of feeding charters
7.  To infuse my curriculum with interdisciplinary materials that have touched me in my life
7.  To watch funding for music, arts and drama go down the drain in order to fill the pockets of Charters as well as the Testing Industrial Complex
8.  To have the academic freedom provided  by tenure to open students' minds to debate on current issues
8.  To electric shock my students into developing skills along the same learning curve by cramming the common core down their throats
9.  To live with human dignity with the hopes that I am helping others
9.  To be accused of cheating and forced to stare at a computer screen ridden with glitches during Regents week to grade essays
10.  To be able to give selflessly to kids because I remember what it was like to be one
10.  To be identified as a member of a profession overrun by miscreants and perverts by people who are accountable for nothing

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