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Friday, March 14, 2014

Eva's Success Academy Plans Another Near-Mandatory Field Trip?

(originally posted 3/1/14)

Eva Moskowitz realizes that NYC charter schools (which enroll only 6% of the City's students and attempt to press the truly public schools into oblivion) may no longer hold a privileged position under the current mayor.  She will head to Albany, probably with pocketbook in hand and bus loads of cute kids, to lobby for her special interest. (Truly public schools are also populated by cute kids, only they are to be found in classrooms, as dictated by law, rather than lobbying on demand!  They are to be found in schools squeezed out of rooms and resources by the privileged 6% Eva represents--which is only about half that percent when measured statewide).  Given the amount of money that charter operators have handed over to Governor Andrew Coumo ($800,000 in recent times), the cute kids are probably more for show than anything else.  Moskowitz is likely to receive a warm welcome and two ears from Governor Cuomo.  Sadly, money talks--even if it's nonsense!  But, ultimately, in a democracy, votes count more than money.  Will these few with so much money be able to buy public policy and, if so, for how much longer?  Below, is my deconstruction of a letter she sent to parents last October, all but requiring students and parents to miss a day of school/work to advocate in a public protest in favor of charter schools.  Her words are in quotes followed by my translation.

The Deconstruction of Eva Moskowitz's Letter to Parents Requiring Participation in a Pro-Charter Protest

1.  "Your child's education is threatened.  Our very existence is threatened.  Opponents want to take away our funding and our facilities.  These attacks are a real danger--we cannot stand idly by."

Our charters threaten the very existence of public education in the United States, but who cares?  Since we've educated your children to be pliant "yes men" who never slouch and march silently in straight lines down hallways in uniforms, they won't question whether "fact" is fiction...and neither will you.

2.   "This is an outrage:  There are hundreds of empty classrooms all across New York City."

We're crowding out and strangling the public schools, but let's try to pretend we're all ignorant of this.

3.  "Which is why you--you and your scholar, your friends and relatives--must join us on Tuesday, October 8 to march with other charter parents across the Brooklyn Bridge....  Buses will pick you and your scholar up from school at morning arrival, and you will be dropped off at Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn.  We will delay the start of school until after the march....  All families will then take a subway back to school after the march to drop off scholars for the rest of the school day."

You must attend. Private Buses will drop you off to protest in favor of charters, but to hell with you after you've served your purpose.  Seek public transportation to carry you back after you've just finished bashing public schools.  It's the only thing upon which you can count.

4.  "Don't let the opponents of ed reform steal your children's future.  This is about your child, your choice.  Your voice must be heard.  We must show public officials that parents will fight for the right to choose excellent schools.   Warmly, Eva"

We need your child to support my $475,000 a year salary.  (It's probably more by now).  You have no choice.  You must go to the Brooklyn Bridge march.  Maybe I can sell it to you while you're there.  Burn in hell if you don't, Eva

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